Difference Between Entrepreneur And Intrapreneur

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The differences between entrepreneur and intrapreneur are as follows:

1. Dependency
Entrepreneur: He is fully independent. He does not work for others and his own boss. 
Intrapreneur: He depends on corporate owner. He works for corporation under defined rules and regulations.

2. Capital/ Investment
Entrepreneur: He manages required capital himself. He raises fund for new business.
Intrapreneur: He does not need to manage required fund because corporation raises capital for the business.

3. Risk Bearing
Entrepreneur: He bears 100%  business risk. He risks own money.
Intrapreneur: He does not bear full risk of the business, He risks others money.

4. Primary Motive
Entrepreneur: Primary motive of entrepreneur is to be independent, self-satisfaction and earn monetary reward.
Intrapreneur: He has the motive of advancement and promotion with fixed salary.

5. Time Bound
Entrepreneur: He does not follow strict timetable. It may take several years for the growth of the business.
Intrapreneur: He is bounded by the corporate timetable.

6. Mind-set
Entrepreneur: He is guided by the principle of ' Problems provide opportunities'.
Intrapreneur: He thinks that the problems are threats for him and his corporation

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